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Significance of gratitude and leniency in Islam

  • Life is blend with pleasing and hostile events, individually every person have to pass through the different phases of life.  These events make us learn about the realities and introduce us to patience and gratitude too. Every event comes with a purpose of teaching some basic lessons of life. Welcome it full heartedly and make sure that you are not reacting harsh on the situations. People around you need love and affection. And most importantly leniency and gratitude is the trait of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). He is the only leader in the world who brought revolution by building the characters of a society.

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    Never become slaves of your desires because it brings proud with it and it kills kindness or gratitude. People who have been kind to others are those who are more blessed. Life is a continuous series of losses but the one who remain patient during the events of life gets more from it.

    Depend on the mercy of Allah and strive for his affection, your life revolves around the one and only Allah the Almighty. If you are enjoying daily routine blessings from waking up till dawn then there is no point to show aggressiveness in your behavior.

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